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About Us

master wangMaster Wang was a medical doctor in China for more than 15 years before immigrated to Australia. Master Wang worked as a professional doctor in the army and Yantai (in Shangdong district of China) for many years.

He is very experienced in clinical practise, he did part time clinic job at Chinese medical clinics at Sydney for many years and were officially certified to practise as a Chinese medicine practitioner in the divisions of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in year 2012. Master Wang registered a business for clinic named as “Live Well Acupuncture & Herbal Massage Clinic” in NSW Sydney.

With many years of Kung Fu practise and deep understanding of human health issues, Master Wang has developed a set of his unique treatment methods to improve patients’ health with his powerful inner energy. Those methods are combinations of TCM usage, acupuncture, remedy massage and Kung Fu trainings (Tai Chi, Tai Chi Ball, Qigong, Tao meditation and some Taoist Secret Kung Fu skills).

Kuo-style Tai-yi Traumatology, created by Master Wang Yunkuo in accordance with his grandmother’s traditional traumatology and a Taoist Tai Chi master’s acupuncture. Master Wang’s grandmother is a famous traumatology doctor, spending most of her life to cure local residents of diseases. Forty years ago, most of local families were poor. Nevertheless, Master Wang’s grandmother never charged them for medical treatments. The herbs used were picked in person from nearby mountains. Those good stories were published in the newspapers several times.

Master Wang’s grandfather is a Kung Fu master. Master Wang grew up with his grandfather and grandmother, learning traumatology from grandmother, training Kung Fu from grandfather and Taoist Tai-yi Tai Chi master – Duan Yang Holy Man. Master Wang has practiced Taoist Tai Chi and Tai Chi Ball over 30 years. His hands have a strong sense of Qi which offers acupuncture healing and massage excellent result.

He has years of clinical experience, and under the guidance of his grandmother and master. He has learnt safe, exclusive treatment methods, exercises and methods of healing. It is especially effective in healing slipped discs, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis, wrist and ankle sprains, back strains with great efficacy, and high efficacy on apoplexy, asthma and other medical diseases.


Our Master Wang was featured in Rainbow TV Australia! Keep watching to learn some basic Tai Chi exercises to keep yourself healthy.
(Sorry for the mandarin interview…)