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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal therapy is a major part of TCM clinic that has been exercised for centuries in China, where herbs are measured as fundamental treatment for a lot of sensitive and chronic medical disorders. Herbalists draw from “Materia Medica” a conventional Chinese drug manuscript that covers thousands of minerals, herbs, and other extracts.

This treatment concentrates on restoring a balance of body, energy and spirit to preserve health, instead of treating a particular illness or medical disorder.

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine Used for Today?

The Chinese herbal remedy offered in Live Well Clinic contains Chinese herbs, which are not derived from typical Western concepts of therapeutic diagnosis and treatment. It treats the major health complaints of a patient or the samples of their symptoms rather than the fundamental causes.

Practitioners in our Live Well Clinic will try to prevent and take care of imbalances, similar to those caused due to cancer and other ailments, with complex combinations of minerals, herbs, and plant extracts.

chinese herbsChinese herbs

This traditional treatment uses a range of herbs, like ginkgo, astragalus, ginseng, eleuthero and green tea in dissimilar combinations to reinstate balance to the human body. Herbal blends are supposed to put off and treat infections, hormone disturbances, breathing disorders, and a huge number of other diseases and ailments. Some practitioners claim that herbs have the authority to put off and treat different types of cancer.

Nearly all herbalists at the TCM clinic use herbal medicines with normal treatments approved by oncologists, like chemotherapy or radiation therapy. They assert that the Chinese herbal therapy can assist alleviate the side effects of normal cancer treatments, control soreness, perk up the quality of life, make the immune system of the human body stronger, and in a few cases, stop the growth and spread of tumor in the human body.

Principle of Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

As fatigue is caused due to the shortage of Qi, some Chinese herbs nourish the Qi to have an energising effect. As restless sleep, blurry vision, and irritability are caused due to the depleted blood, blood-enriching herbs in the treatment perk up sleep, vision, and equanimity. Since dehydration and dry skin arise from inadequate dampness, these Chinese medicine replenish it and makes the skin softer and alleviates an otherwise voracious thirst.

Herbs used in the therapy help the organ networks in the routine of their jobs. Meticulous herbs improve the ability of the heart to drive the blood and calm the mind, the irritation to handle digestion and liquid equilibrium, the lung to manage respiration and the defences of the human body, the liver to preserve resilient feelings and flexible limbs, and the kidney to continue sexual and regenerative control.

Some herbal formulas in the treatment deal with ailments, like allergies, colds, cramps, or inflammations, with remarkable and instant results, whereas other herbal formulas make body reserves stronger over time.

How Do Our TCM practitioners Use Formulations?Herbal Medicine

Usually, the Chinese herbs offered at our TCM clinic are combined in formulas to improve their individual actions and properties. Signs and symptoms are matched with healing effects, imitating the particular disorders and requirements of each patient. Stimulant formulas reinstate eroded body sources, and the adaptable formulas decongest the Qi, dampness, and blood, mitigating discomfort, and the purging formulas get rid of pathogenic influences.

Herbs, either in dried original form or powder form, are more similar to foods than medicines, and they can complement the diet and make the constitution stronger in addition to preventing or treating ailments.

Conditions Treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine

Similar to acupuncture, TCM center offers Chinese herbs that can deal with harmful body patterns that manifest in a range of symptoms and complaints. The major aim of the therapy is to assist you recuperate balance, or homeostasis in your body and to make the resistance of your body to disease much stronger.

At our Sydney Live Well clinic, the treatment is offered to:

  • Decrease the symptoms of cold or flu.
  • Increase the energy of the human body.
  • Perk up the breathing of an individual.
  • Perk up the digestion.
  • Perk up the sleep of an individual.
  • Reduce soreness.
  • Improve the symptoms of menopause in women.
  • Assist control the menstrual cycles if infertility is a problem.

Who Should Undergo Herbal Treatment

Chinese herbal medicine can be a precious supplementary treatment after the cancer treatment, as well, to help the recovery of the body from the subsequent-effects of chemotherapy and, or radiation. Chinese herbs are helpful in healing other constant diseases, as well.

Generally, we recommends the Chinese herbal therapy during the situations when:

  • An individual has many symptoms or they are inflexible to identify.
  • A person has exhausted conventional medical options and nothing appears to assist.
  • A patient requires treatment to offset side effects of approved medication.
  • The patient is interested in precautionary treatment.

Interactions of Chinese Herbs

These traditional Chinese herbs do not interfere with any kind of medications used by the patient. The herbalists are overseen by doctors and they are trained to be familiar with the way, the herbal therapy can work together with prescription medicines.

Additionally, they will always inquire you regarding any over-the-counter medicines and supplements you are using to ensure that the herbal therapy is effective and safe. For an herbal therapy session, a patient requires recommendation from a physician.

Procedures of Our TCM Consultation

During the consultation with us, the herbalist will prescribe herbs either as the main treatment or as an accompaniment to acupuncture therapies. He will carry out quite a lot of pinpointing procedures and get a comprehensive health history. This will comprise the past and present illnesses, and the use of medication of the patient.

Once the patient has been completely assessed, the herbalist will make recommendations and offer either a proprietary or custom formula. Of course, no herbal treatment is covered by health insurance.

It should be noted that the Chinese herbal therapy is not a substitute to the conservative western medical diagnosis or treatment. However, it can match your conservative treatment plan. We will work closely with your doctor to administer your care and watch your course of treatment.


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