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Regimen for Health Preservation

Keeping up good health and following a long life are considered a unique feature in the ancient and deep-rooted conventional Chinese culture. Since ancient times, a lot of medical scientists and thinkers have observed that physical and mental cultivation are vital to health preservation.

The theory of physical and mental cultivation of mind include silence, reasonable sentiment and longing, virtue cultivation, conformance with the four seasons, interior concentration of spirit, regulation of the heart spirit, etc. It mirrors the conformance of peace in health preservation.

What is Health Preservation?

The health preservation in TCM is a vital part of Chinese culture, and it is a splendid valued stone of the TCM treasury, as well. There is an extended history and an immense development within it.

In TCM aspect, health preservation is an action of perking up the health and increasing the lifespan, by following the techniques, which can control both the mind and the body, reduce ailments, encourage health, and extend the life.

Health Regimen Consultation

The most primitive Traditional Chinese Medicine had been recorded regarding the techniques of health preservation or routine, which is the idea of “prevention is better than cure”. Moreover, this is just a new landmark towards the modern preventive medicine.

Our consultation of regimen for health maintenance is derived from the holistic therapeutic understanding idea. This includes the philosophy of four analyses and disease differentiation of TCM, the Chinese herbal outside treatment as the major principle.

Very often, Chinese essential oils or Chinese herbs in fuming, bathing or steaming the entire body or local abrasion are used. These are pooled with the Chinese massage treatment or meridian massage with the intention of achieving the complete treatment and the objective of the regimen of TCM for health preservation.

Goal of the Health Preservation Regimen

The objective of the TCM regimen for health preservation is to identify or regulate the unevenness of internal organs, to recuperate the physical functions of the human body and sustain the health and skin splendor of the body.

At Live Well clinic in Sydney, regimen for health preservation is offered in four major ways, such as:

  • Chinese medicine.
  • Qigong.
  • Meditation.
  • Taoist Ba Duan Jin.
  • Tai chi.

Chinese MedicineChinese medicine

Chinese medicine refers to the technique by which therapeutic substances are used for the purposes of disease prevention, health preservation, and long life. Health preservation through the use of Chinese medicine has an extended history.

Our years of expertise in Chinese medicine has seen a range of medicinal substances for health preservation as well as hordes of possible, successful health-protecting and life-extending formula, which made immense contribution to the health of humans.


Qigong is one among the valuable heritages of the people in China. It is both psychological and physical exercise that takes traditional Chinese philosophy as a guide, and it is based on regulating the body, breath, and heart, and it concentrates on increasing the potential of the human body.

Qigong practise

It was discovered and summarised steadily from the long-tenure struggle with nature, ailments, exhaustion and aging by the ancient industrious people. Our health preservation regimen through Qigong not only has an extended history, but it also has an excellent reputation in ordinary people.

Daoist Ba Duan Jin Qigong Exercises are highly recommended to be performed on a regular basis by Master Wang.


It is scientifically proven that regular meditation preserves the neuron-rich gray matter, which is the most important tissue of the brain. The benefits of meditation are numerous and constructive.

When people attain their mid-to-late-twenties, their brain starts to wither, and its weight and volume start to decrease. As this happens, the brain can start to be defeated some of its useful abilities. So, even though people will exist for a longer period, the years they gain, habitually come with increased hazards for psychological illness and neurodegenerative ailment.

On the other hand, meditation is the best way to reduce those hazards. Meditation regimen is associated with a reduced hazard of the psychological illnesses and neurodegenerative ailments, connected with aging that are caused due to the decrease of the gray matter of the brain. Meditation practise is capable of creating physiological changes that take place in the brain to facilitate the ability of the meditating person to better handle stress and to boost concentration and self-awareness.

Meditation exercise

People who are provided with our meditation regimen will have less age-associated atrophy in the white matter of their brain, and it will assist to preserve the gray matter of the brain, the tissue that holds neurons. Regular meditation practitioners are capable of improving the health of the heart, reducing stress and relieving pain.

Taoist Ba Duan Jin

Taoist Ba Duan Jin is a set of eight pieces of Brocade qigong movements to enhance health and vitaliy. By practising this set of Daoist Tai Yi Gate Ba Duan Jin exercises, you will feel stronger and more physically fit and they will provide you with a doorway into the world of Daoist Tai Yi Taijiquan, a previously secret form of this ancient internal martial art passed down to Shifu Wang.

It uses slow natural breathing and gentle movements to improve strength, increase the flow of energy (qi) in the body, reduce fatigue, and through regular practice can impact on musculoskeletal problems, hypertension, coronary artery disease, asthma, diabetes, migraine and other headaches, sexual dysfunction, and mood and anxiety problems.

Through regular practice these exercises will also have a preventative effect on the development of a range of health difficulties. These movements provide you with an opportunity to stand at the gateway to better health and to begin the foundation exercises that lead the way to Daoist Tai Yi Taijiquan, one of the lost treasures of ancient Chinese martial arts.

Tai Chi

At first, Tai Chi originates in China, and now it populates to the whole world. The regimen of Tai Chi is capable of providing exceptional exercise for the body, which keeps you physically fit and prolongs your life. It is also capable of cultivating your mind and enriches both the soul and the body.

Tai chiGenerally, Tai Chi exercise incorporates breathing methods with TCM theories and traditional Chinese philosophy. The regimen includes three major aspects, such as breathing, movement and mind-control to dominate the entire process of achieving the goal of both external and internal physical maintenance.

Tai Chi movements are stylish, mild, and slow, contributing both to the outer and inner balance of the user, as well as the aesthetic pleasure of the viewer. Our postures of Tai chi are aimed to extend the muscles, making them stronger through flexibility and in achieving so, making the practitioner suppler and more resilient.

Currently, many people in Sydney are learning Tai Chi at our Kung Fu school (Kung Fu Republic) to get their health preserved and to have better control over the functioning of their body and soul.


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