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Before first visited the clinic, my neck hurt regularly and the pain extended to my arm and fingers. I felt numb when the pain attacked, and these symptoms had troubled me for around 4 months.

Then after having 5 acupuncture and massage sessions with Master Wang, the pain in my arm has completely gone. I experience much less pain in my neck too. Thank you Master Wang!! I will recommend Live Well clinic to anyone who need TCM treatment.

R. Austen

Due to allergy, my eyes often become itchy and my nose become stuffy during a certain time every year. Sometimes I have even had hard time breathing also. Allergy medications is not much effective to me.

However, after the acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine treatment with Master Wang, I am able to get off of medications and free of the allergic symptoms. It worked great for me, and I wish I had visited Live Well Clinic a few years earlier.


Master Wang is a very friendly, professional and knowledgeable practitioner. I felt very comfortable during the treatment.

I have seen quite a few acupuncturists in my day, but his needling skill is outstanding. My body feels amazing every time after the treatment!


My legs were swollen due to sports injury. It has been 2 weeks, and it was painful. I could barely walk. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Wang to me. After just 1 acupuncture treatment, my legs recovered within a week! I'm so grateful and I would recommend Live Well TCM to anyone.


Master Wang is an amazing and skilful acupuncturist. I felt completely comfortable and relax during the treatment. He is also so knowledgeable that he is able to give me many valuable nutritional and dieting advices. I am really grateful that I met him.

D. Paz

I have been smoking for more than 25 years. Like all smokers, I often cough and have lots of phlegm. I decided to quit after my best friend who is also a smoker died from lung cancer.

I tried many methods but all failed. But after a few acupuncture sessions, I am able to cut off my desire for cigarettes. And now I successfully quit from smoking, I am totally a happy man.


I went limping to Live Well Clinic with knee problem due to football injury, and Master Wang fixed it with just 1 acupuncture session. The treatment was very professional, and thankfully it didn’t even hurt at all. I feel like I can run the field again after the treatment!


I was referred to Master Wang by another clinic doctor. I was very impressed by Master Wang expertise. He is very friendly and professional that I feel totally comfortable throughout the whole session. He has helped me to improve my overall health being. I would recommend Master Wang to all my family and friends.

A. Pitt