Chinese Massage (tui na)

Tui Na is a form of manipulative therapy that originates from China and it is often used in combination with moxibustion, acupuncture, Chinese herbal treatments, and fire cupping treatments.

Our practitioner at the Live Well Clinic may press, brush, roll or depress, and massage the spots between each of the joints, called the eight gates, to attempt to open the defensive chi of the human body and get the power moving within the meridians and the muscles. Then, the practitioner can employ a range of traction, motion, with the encouragement of acupressure points.

These practices are carried out to assist in the Tui Na massage treatment of both sensitive and constant musculoskeletal disorders, as well as several other non-musculoskeletal disorders.

What is Chinese Massage Therapy (Tui Na)?

The tui na massage therapy is a non-invasive therapeutic massage. It is a vital component of Chinese medicine, together with herbal and acupuncture prescription. It is used in helping treating musco-skeletal conditions.

All the Tui Na treatment methods offered at the traditional Chinese medicine clinic may be mild or fairly firm.

How is the Tui Na Therapy Applied?

Tui Na massage treatment can be a comprehensive healing system in itself because it not only works on muscle groups, sites of pain, joints, and poor blood circulation, but it also works on the same points and meridians used in acupuncture and uses the same fundamental theory as the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Though each Tui Na massage treatment has a dissimilar focus, they tender similar benefits, encouraging relaxation and purification.

Our staff at the Live Well Clinic customizes their treatments to best suit your individual requirements, combining the Tui Na massage with deep tissue, acupressure and cupping.

What Tui Na Treatment can Offer You

Chinese Tui Na massage treatment can offer benefits to patients both physically and mentally. We offer this treatment for a range of purposes, varying from all-purpose massage to sports injuries.

How the TCM Massage Treatment is Performed?

At our TCM clinic, we carry out the Tui Na massage treatment over your dressed body. Patients will be requested to lie on a couch or sit on a chair. This massage treatment is a medical healing and like with all the modalities of the traditional Chinese medicine, a case history and analysis will be done by the practitioners before the treatment starts. Some methods performed at the clinic may be well-known to you.

Usually, we carry out this massage treatment using mild to reasonably firm pressure using our thumbs, palms, elbows and fingers, in addition to a variety of stretches. It can be more energetic than other types of massage.

At the TCM clinic, we may apply ointments, cupping and herbal compresses as a supplementary benefit for your individualized treatment.

Benefits of the Traditional Chinese Massage Therapy

This massage therapy can and is supposed to be used as a defensive form of healing, as well as to uphold the health and put off the accumulation of disease, stress, and injury.

The tui na massage can rectify some anatomical anomalies, modify the inner power state of the genetic system and can adjust the bio-information about the human body. This type of treatment is used for soft tissue wounds because it relaxes muscles and tendons, and encourages the even passage of the channels. It also encourages blood circulation and eliminates blood stasis. In addition, we also use external herbal poultices, liniments or salves to improve the other healing methods.

What You Can Expect?

Our treatment sessions will take a minimum time of 30 minutes and a maximum time of one hour. According to the particular problems, you may have the necessity to visit our clinic for additional treatments.

Anyone who desires relief from the side effects of a chemical based therapy or drugs can get in touch with us to adopt this massage technique to help lessen their pain.

Our practitioners at the TCM clinic hold qualified certifications and experience in the industry. These practitioners constantly undergo training in the Tui Na treatment techniques to update themselves with the most modern methods in this kind of treatment.