Qigong Healing Therapy

Qigong healing therapy is a healing system and an energy medicine from China. It is the art and skill of using breathing methods, calm movement, and thought to purify, toughen, and circulate the qi or chi, which is the life energy.

This method of treatment shows the way to an improved health and vivacity and a peaceful state of mind.

In the past, qigong healing treatment was also commonly called nei gong, which means inner work and dao yin, which means guiding energy. The recognized history of this treatment system goes back just about 2,500 years ago. However, the historians and archaeologists of China have discovered references to qigong-like methods before a minimum period of five thousand years.

Application of Qigong Healing Therapy

The Qigong healing treatment is commonly being applied to four main areas, such as:

  • Healing Qigong
  • External Qi Healing
  • Sports Qigong
  • Spiritual Qigong

Healing Qigong

Healing qigong is also called as medical qigong, which is the defensive and self-healing feature of Chinese medicine. Generally, all people are exposed to tension, and our qigong treatment offered at the Live Well Clinic teaches you the way to have better control over your responses to stress so that your life events do not result in symptoms, such as frustration, or anxiety. Healthy individuals practice our qigong exercises to assist in mintaning their health. Our healers at the clinic exercise this qigong treatment method put off “healer burn-out” and to continue an optimistic presence.

External Qi Healing

The qigong type of healing system comprises a refined system of health evaluation and a non-contact treatment method called external qi healing. The healer knows the way to strike into a well of healing power in nature and direct it through his/her body. Not like some simple, intuitive systems, this special therapy comprises exercises that boost the sensitivity to energy fields.

The more you do external qi healing meditations and exercises, the more successful your healing treatment. This treatment technique may be used as a separate form of wellness treatment or may be mixed with acupuncture, massage, osteopathy, therapeutic touch, or any other type of bodywork. As the treatment is usually carried out at a distance from the body, the external healing does not violate the professional ethics of psychotherapists, and is therefore it is an ideal addition to body-focused psychotherapy.

Sports Qigong

In martial arts and sports, qigong healing therapy is the key to stamina, strength, coordination, flexibility, speed, equilibrium, and resistance to wounds. These qigong exercises are capable of improving performance in any game, having quicker recovery, less injury prone, perking up the golf drive, tackling skill in football, precision in tennis, and energy in swimming.

Spiritual Qigong

As a religious discipline, our qigong healing treatment shows the way to tranquility, self-awareness, and agreement with nature. The religious aspect of this method of qigong treatment has been evolved from Buddhism and Taoism.

For more information, please view the attached Daoist Ba Duan Jin Qigong Exercises.

What To Expect During a Qigong Healing Session?

During your initial appointment, the practitioners at our TCM clinic will spend time to find out more about you, and they will assist you to feel at ease and comfortable. They will then explain what will take place during the treatment.

Subsequent to the treatment, and if suitable, our practitioners may recommend some homework, such as meditations and mild qigong movements, which could be helpful. All types of treatment at our TCM clinic in Sydney are designed to assist you continue the benefits, gained throughout your medical qigong session and to assist you continue towards your aim of good health, rejuvenation and harmony.

During the healing treatment, you stay completely clothed and relaxed at all times on a massage table throughout the treatment. Several people report that they feel extremely calm and relaxed, with a feeling of an enjoyable underlying vitality.

Who Should Undergo Qigong Treatment?

As the qigong therapy offered at our TCM clinic includes both gentle and dynamic techniques, which can be practiced from seated, standing, and supine postures, it is appropriate for both old and young people, as well as all men and women. However, practices at our clinic can be customized to individual requirements, making it a perfect aid to the revival from injury or illness. Our qigong practise is a form of corresponding medicine. It performs well with other forms of treatment and by no means, it should be used as a replacement for essential treatment by a medical practitioner.

It is an ideal treatment for stress, which is a major risk factor for accelerated aging and heart ailment.

Benefit of the Qigong Therapy

Both the United States and China have organized conferences for educational exchange of research on the qigong medical treatment system. This treatment system has been exposed to perk up posture and respiration, persuade the relaxation reaction, and perk up self-awareness and attentiveness.

The action of this released energy is not restricted to the surface of the acupuncture points and may be as profound as necessary to reach muscles, meridians, tendons and the inside organs directly. Hence, very often qigong therapy is complimentary to acupuncture treatment for the maximum effect.