Gua Sha Therapy

Gua Sha has existed for centuries as a way treating numerous ailments that afflict the human body. The Chinese simply call it Gua Sha (as the pronunciation). The French refer to it as tribo-effleurage while English speakers know the treatment method as coining or spooning. Whichever name you give this form of therapy, our Live Well Clinic has what it takes to walk you through it all in the bid to eliminate or prevent numerous ailments which may disgruntle your social, professional and financial standing in life.

How Does Gua Sha Therapy Work?

Scientific studies have established that the therapy works with the help metabolic chemical processes which take place in the human microscopic capillaries.

As a traditional Chinese medicine clinic in Sydney, we use tools of various shapes and oils with different natural active ingredients to trigger these processes, boosting your body’s ability to fight ailments.

The therapy also works by turning solid waste, in the bloodstream, into liquid – making it possible to dispose of them through the urinary system or through the skin in form of sweat. Like most gua sha therapy practitioners, our clinic undertakes these procedures using traditional organic components.

This mode of treatment also loosens your nerves and blood vessels, making them flexible enough to improve the body’s chemical reactions which in return improves and maintains your general well-being.

How to Pick the Right Gua Sha Therapy

Different people need different types of therapies to improve their health conditions. This is because of the diverse set of diseases which may affect people mildly or severely depending on age, gender, lifestyle or genetic factors. 

You may as well pick a specific type of gua sha therapy based on your therapeutic hobbies. For example, if you prefer meditation to massage then we can give you a number of suggestion on how to merge the tranquility of mind offered by meditation with the therapies’ healing techniques in a manner that steps up your health’s vigor and vitality.

Precautionary Measures

Note that gua sha therapy can be combined with conventional medical procedures to help sick people recover quickly from various diseases. You however need to consult a medical expert to ascertain that you don’t have any preexisting conditions such as allergies which may worsen your ailment as a result of mixing the modern and the traditional methods of treatment. 

We often advise our patients to only deal with certified traditional Chinese medical clinic, such as Live Well Clinic in Sydney for register this form of therapy. This enables them to keep off health risks which may come about as a result of taking gua sha instruction from under-qualified practitioners. 

The precautionary measure can as well help them to keep off counterfeit or fake gua sha oils and other active ingredients which you may want to buy for home use.