What are some facial problems?

There are various types of facial problems such as loss of facial movement due to nerve damage. It can happen on one or both sides of the face, and this can occur at any age. Some times the face can become paralysed and symptoms may be sudden (appearing overnight), or may appear over two or three days, it can include a combination of: facial paralysis on one side (rarely are both sides of the face affected); loss of blinking control on the affected side; decreased tearing; drooping of the mouth to the affected side; altered sense of taste; slurred speech; drooling; pain in or behind the ear.

What causes these facial problems?

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Facial problems like paralysis is almost always caused by:

  • Infection or inflammation of the facial nerve, which carries signals from the brain to the muscles of the face
  • Infection of the brain or surrounding tissues, which sends signals to the muscles of the face

Acupuncture May Help Facial Paralysis

Acupuncture is widely used in the treatment for peripheral facial paralysis.  Note: Face should avoid cold, when necessary, wear masks.