Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

For psychogenic erectile dysfunction, the recommended treatment is sex-therapy. For natural erectile dysfunction, which accounts in excess of 50 percent of cases, there are three alternative treatments, such as vacuum constriction devices, implantation of a penile prosthesis and injection of vasoactive drugs. Other treatments, such as oral drugs, are in the investigation stage.

Hence, a natural solution for erectile dysfunction could be treatment with TCM.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the incapability for a male to uphold an erection sufficiently long to perform sexual intercourse or inability to ejaculate, which is called impotence. It is estimated that about one million Australian men have the erectile dysfunction problem. The disorder is more frequent in older men than the younger ones.

The disorder may happen due to other therapeutic problems, but habitually occurs, owing to incidents that take place in the life of a man. Nevertheless, Live Well TCM Clinic suggests a few methods for resolving the problems of male sexual dysfunction.

How Can TCM Help?

TCM is the acronym for the Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is an ancient treatment system for the mental and physical disorders. It is derived from an analysis of the human body that varies considerably from that detained by allopathic medicine.

TCM educates that the human body is a multifaceted system of energy and forces, flowing all through the body, an appropriate balance of which is required to maintain the health of a person.

If any one type of force or energy becomes enhanced or diminished, mental or physical disorders may develop. Our practitioner is able to find out what sort of imbalance is there in the human body and then discover ways to reinstate an appropriate balance of energy and forces. As a whole, we use natural TCM primary methods at our Sydney clinic, such as massage, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal medicine to remediate the dysfunction.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Is TCM Really Effective?

Some patients look for services from TCM clinic for their erectile dysfunction problem that may not respond to contemporary medicine.

The World Health Organization adopted resolution, called FORTY-FOURTH WORLD HEALTH ASSEMBLY GENEVA in 1991. It advised member states to strengthen cooperation between the modern health care and TCM, particularly concerning the safety and effectiveness of accepted treatment methods of TCM. The plan of this resolution was to lessen the national budget of medicines.

Acupuncture has been carried out for several centuries and is one among the most vital branches of traditional Chinese medicine. Several studies show promise in treating patients having erectile dysfunction problems subsequent to the TCM treatment.

How TCM Addresses Erectile Dysfunction?

According to TCM saying, erectile dysfunction disorder is often attributed to problems such as blockage of energy flow in the lower abdomen and a shortage of Kidney Yang energy.

When the energy flow, known as Qi is stagnant, the blood will also be blocked in the lower abdomen of the patient, preventing the required blood flow to generate and keep up an erection. This disorder frequently presents with symptoms of a tight and gentle to palpation lower abdominal region. The male sexual dysfunction treatment will focus on splitting the stagnation in the lower stomach, returning the appropriate blood flow to the infected area.

Habitually, men who boast a shortage of kidney yang energy experience indications like cold limbs, frequent clear urination, lower back pain and fatigue. In more severe cases, the fire of the mingmen is weak, as well, resulting in more obvious cold signs. The term mingmen denotes one among the two kidneys of the human body, where the essence of a man is stored. In the cases of kidney deficiency, warming the kidney yang and mingmen are essential to balance the body.

Effective TCM Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

TCM is an established option in the treatment of sensitive and constant pain. In urology, TCM is being used in the treating the bladder instability, as well as the male infertility. There are a variety of effective treatment options available at our clinic for erectile dysfunction problems. The patients will be prepared both physically and psychologically to get ready for the treatment.

First, our practitioner identifies the spot, where the problem starts in the patient’s body. Then, the suitable treatment will be offered to make these spots follow the energy flow in pathways called meridians. The process is supposed to open blocked meridians and permit the blood and qi to flow more liberally through the body.

The treatment can be performed by stimulating a few specific acupuncture points. In some cases, moxibustion will also be performed at these spots. The major aim of moxibustion is to warm and flow the energy in the local region, making the life gate fire stronger.

Different treatment techniques could be performed to treat particular symptoms or balance the constitution of an individual.

Supplementary Chinese Medicine Treatment

At Live Well TCM clinic, a variety of traditional Chinese medicine are used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. The medicine is generally prescribed to warm the kidney energy and tone the yang.

Formulation of the Chinese medicine will be different for each patient, as the root cause of the dysfunction could be particular to individual. Hence, all cases will be carefully accessed and reviewed by our practitioner to offer the most effective and suitable solution.

In severe erectile dysfunction cases, some natural products will be optionally recommended for the increased efficiency of the treatment. Rest assured that only organic products will be advised to boost the potency of the male sexual dysfunction treatment.